1. An atom is the smallest particle of an element Essay

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that retains the chemical identity of thatelement.

2. Atomic theory-a) Each element is composed of extremely small particles called atoms
b) All atoms of a given element are identical,, but they differ from those of any
other element
c) Atoms are neither created nor destroyed in any chemical reaction.

d) A given compound always has the same relative numbers and kinds of atoms.

3. His ideas were rejected because he was unable to explain what held the particles

4. Such diversity is present because different combinations of atoms create different
compounds, and each compound has its own properties. And many different compounds
react differently with each other.

1. Atoms conatin particles that have electrical charge.

2. A cathode ray tube is a tube in which a cathode ray streams from the cathode to the

3. The spontaneous emission of radiation from an element.

4. Rutherfords experiment showed that there were areas of very high particle
concentration. Only highly concentrated areas could deflect the alpha particles so severly.

If atoms were organized like in the plum pudding model, the deflection of alpha particles
by such a degree would be impossible.

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